BreatheX Pro Series N95 Mask

BreatheX Pro Series N95 Mask


Designed to protect against harmful particles, the BreatheX Pro filter protects from bacteria and pollution that are impossible to see with the naked eyes. The filter’s innovative, multi-layer protection technology guaranteeing the highest quality and outstanding efficiency. With its lightweight fiber material and a wide size range, the filter adapts to the face and feels soft on the skin, working as an almost invisible layer. Improving your life quality with a simple step, the BreatheX Pro filter is an investment that will benefit your health every day.

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The BreatheX Pro Series is one of the world’s most advanced masks against harmful bacteria, viruses and air pollution with its certified N95 filtration system, and patented dual chamber air valves. This is the ultimate breathing mask you can buy at this time, stock is extremely limited, and these are not sold anywhere else.

IMPORTANT CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) ALERT: Due to the recent outbreaks of Covid-19 we are offering over 50% off and will be donating free masks to local hospitals in USA, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom and other countries who need them the most.

Now is the time to be prepare yourself and your loved ones and contribute to a great cause at the same time. (Note: Do not share masks with family and friends, please make sure each individual has their own mask in order to minimize the spread of any viruses.)


By combining cutting-edge filter technology with timeless European design, the BreatheX™ Pro offers outstanding performance and comfort to combat harmful particles in the air.

Reusable and washable filter and components.

Through the breakout of the Coronavirus, ensuring health and safety in daily life has become a priority for millions of people. Besides the Coronavirus, the filter will also protect you from other viruses, bacteria and air pollutants such as dust and smoke.

Stay safe and only purchase masks made from FDA cleared factories like ours. All of our factories are up to date with all FDA regulations and have been fully cleared with certificates.



A ton amount of people lose their lives every year due to poor air quality – a number our masks are set to lower with their innovative designs. And to raise awareness about this problem, it is time we learn more about the exact harms of air pollution and the solution that can change lives.


To offer the most efficient solution against the invisible problem, all our masks were designed with a 5-layer N95 filtration system and military-grade carbon.

Through the breakout of the Coronavirus, ensuring health and safety in daily life has become a priority for millions of people. Besides the Coronavirus, the filter will also protect you from other viruses, bacteria and air pollutants such as dust and smoke.

Our masks ensure that all 20,000 breaths you take throughout the day are clean from pollutants with its modern technology and a design based on research. From reducing allergic reactions to preventing infections, the mask is an everyday essential for a healthier lifestyle.


The mask is covered in a comfortable top layer to keep it lightweight and soft on the skin. Its shape and fit were crafted to accompany any everyday situation and skin type (including sensitive skin). As a result, the mask operates as a subtle health essential that will never overpower your days.


  • PM 0.3-10, dust and other air pollutants
  • Pollen and other allergens
  • Bacteria, viruses and other germs
  • Wildfire smoke & cigarettes
  • UPF 50+ protection


  • 1 BreatheX™ Pro Mask
  • 1 Advanced N95 Air Filter 2.0
  • 2 Patented Air Valves


The newly identified virus, which has now spread over countries such as China, Thailand, Japan, United States, France and the United Kingdom currently has taken more than 1000 lives. Since its first appearance, the virus has infected over 18.000 people and its cases jumped almost 60% overnight. While there are constant investigations about this new outbreak, we gathered all we know about the virus so far, including symptoms and prevention.

The new virus had its first outbreak in Wuhan, China, reportedly connected to a large animal and seafood market. Since then, experts have identified a person-to-person spread (which is also known as the most common spread through general coronaviruses), possibly through close personal contact, surfaces with the virus particles on it and the air.

Although currently there are no vaccinations that can prevent the infection, professional advised the following prevention methods:

Regular washing and sanitizing the hands, especially at busy areas such as restaurants, shopping malls and public transport (and avoiding any contact with eyes, nose and mouth if hands are unwashed)

Wearing a face mask in public and high-risk areas to minimize the chance of infection.

Avoiding contact with possibly infected people, avoiding contact with animal markets and dead animals, staying home when feeling sick and covering coughs and sneezes with tissues.



Q: Where are you located?
We are a USA company with our main headquarters in Florida. All of our customer support agents and product engineering staff are proudly all working from the states.

Q: What does the dual vent system do?
The dual vent system helps provide a much more enjoyable mask wearing experience by providing more air to be able to go in and out through the filtration filters than the standard no vent or even the single vent masks.

Q: Are these masks FDA approved?
Yes these masks are all manufactured in FDA and CE approved factories with up to date safety and health regulations.

Q: Are these masks sold on Amazon or anywhere else?
No they are not. Unfortunately Amazon along with hundreds of other big store retailers are removing masks from their inventory to focus on other essential products. We believe that these masks are essential and should be available to the general public as well.

Q: How soon can I expect delivery?
Orders are shipped every day and we are working around the clock to ensure on time deliveries. Our current shipping delivery time is around 7-14 days upon purchasing.

Q: Does the mask filter your exhale to protect others if the wearer is infected?
Yes definitely! The air coming in and going out is going through the same filtration system and chambers to make sure the air you are breathing in and out is protected.

Q: Is it washable? Does the filter have to be replaced every time it is worn?
Yes this mask is completely reusable and washable. We suggest hand washing it with antibacterial detergent or soap, or on low settings in the laundry. No the filter does not need to be replaced every time it is worn and typically are changed every 1-2 weeks depending on your use. In more extreme conditions or if you think you have been exposed to the virus, we do suggest immediately changing out the filter after use in order to limit accidental cross contamination.

Q: Does it fit kids?
Yes it can fit most kids head sizes. It has an adjustable strap on the back that can be tightened with velcro and made to fit on smaller heads. The nose piece also can be adjusted and tightened as desired.


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